Friday, August 14, 2009

human beings have certain rights

my thought is that euthanasia should be legal. yep. people should have the right to die if they wish it- provided that they are adults who make that clear ahead of time. it shouldn't be up to anyone else whether i live or die- it should be my decision and i should be able to make my wishes clear ahead of time in the even i should become incapacitated. whose right is it but mine to decide how i want to live my life- or end it should the time come? i also believe that access to more painless ways to die should be made available. mr. rossiter gets to choose to starve to death over a more direct method. while that is his right--- now--- is it humane?

i find it ironic that we seek to euthanize prisoners in the most humane way possible but we force folks who are terminal or otherwise incapacitated to linger in a quality of life that we don't even force upon our family pets or livestock. i also find it ironic that we don't bat an eyelash about killing and maiming thousands in senseless war for profit- but when someone we love is in pain- we suddenly become 'moral'- anyone care to explain that one to me?


Georg said...

Bravo, Betmo, you are absolutely right.


fjb said...

Right on!!!