Thursday, August 13, 2009

dogs days of summer

i haven't been around much but i gather most of the regulars around here haven't. it's summertime- that time of year when folks sweat their asses off and pretend to like it because they are supposed to. it is also a time to 'vacation' whatever that means and a time for family togetherness as the kids are out of school. i chuckle because families bitch a blue streak whenever school districts talk about cutting the outdated amount of time off and hauling the kids in to learn, learn, learn! but then they bitch a blue streak because the kids are bored stiff and they don't want to deal with them. we don't farm anymore folks- you don't need to have the kids off of school for 2 months. trust me.

as you can probably gather, i am not a summertime person. i prefer autumn out of any season but i do enjoy late spring/early summer when everything turns green and the mud is gone. january and august are my two least favorite months out of the 12 because they seem to stretch on forever. even in my youth- i never really liked summer. i don't like hot weather and i hate to sweat because of humidity. really. it's bad enough that it's hot but when it's coolish and i sweat because there's 110% humidity- ooh, it makes me curse!

anyhoo, with all of the rain and whatnot- keeping up with the yardwork has been a bitch. i am fairly irritated that my garden has not done well with the rain and whatnot- and, while i am not alone, it bugs the crap out of me that i have to continue to eat the bullshit that passes for food in this country. i have a lead on poultry and lamb- and i hope to talk him into raising a pig or two for next year. once i can get a rhythm down there- no more bullshit packaged in styrofoam masquerading as meat. i actually am thinking of turning vegetarian anyway- hubby is the carnivore.

yep. i am crabbing it up in august. i am torn between wishing it away and not wanting to wish my life away. don't even get me started about these damned 'townhall meetings'.......


Brother Tim said...

Horses sweat. Ladies, like yourself, perspire. ;)

an average patriot said...

Hey Brother
Hi B, Funny when I started reading I was thinking I only like summer because it is garden season. My favorite is fall then spring winter is next and summer is last because I do not like the heat. Brother likes summer because he can sit by the pond and ponder!

Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

I admire this flowery style of yours.

If you have some time to spare, just explain the meaning of "blue streak". Till now, for me, it is the name of a British rocket that never came to fly.

As to your garden lament what about installing a green house? We have one, I water parts of the plants with a drop by drop system. Best of the worlds available.


fjb said...

"...that time of year when folks sweat their asses off and pretend to like it because they are supposed to."

I don't pretend to like it. Weeding sucks, and I haven't had to water for the last 2 days. Before that it's been everyday for the last 2 months. I hand water and the neighbors think I'm nuts, but I refuse to be one of those who wastes thousands of gallons of it a year on anything but my flowers and veggies.

If I can't eat it or enjoy the flowers it can be brown and crispy, at least then I don't have to mow the damn stuff, either.:-)

BTW, my house smells of a combination of dill, garlic, tomatoes and a large variety of fruit all the time these days. Eewwwwwwwww... :-)

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Summer over here has been pretty much a damp and clouded event.

However, potato crops have been good, and livestock are content.
Many of the local farms have now started selling "at the gate", the prices are good, free-range eggs at around £1.80 per dozen, and plenty of cheap meat and vegetables...potatoes, carrots, beans etc, no plastic wrappings, or bar codes, no electronic tills,, just basics, straight from the soil, in paper bags, food for cash!!

And being farmers, there`s usually passing conversation and even a smile!

betmo said...

ah- landsker- sounds idyllic. you are indeed lucky :)

bonjour georg! i don't know the origins of 'blue streak' but i have heard the phrase 'lying a blue streak' the most- so i assume it means a large, fast quantity of something :)