Saturday, August 08, 2009

how'd i miss this one?

'cause i haven't been online probably. thanks and a h/t to dandelion salad for keeping up with the relevant

sibel edmonds is rolling heads


an average patriot said...

I have not even heard of that thanks! Unrelated but you have any bees up there pollinating?

betmo said...

i have seen a few bumble bee types and i have some wasps and yellow jackets. not as many as i would like. i wish i didn't have to mow- they like the clover and whatnot- and the town came by and cut all of my 'weeds' on the side bank last week. all of my crown vetch and queen anne's lace and globe thistle. i was not happy.

the garden grows very slowly. no tomatoes or peppers yet- perhaps not any this year. corn is getting taller but doubt i'll get ears on all of the stalks. i have had a few beans and i harvested some potatoes and garlic- the garlic came a wee early but it's ripe. have had porch box lettuce and some spinach. will have carrots and a few beets but it was not as prolific as i'd hoped.

i will spend the winter planning cold frame and perhaps even a small greenhouse. i have to be prepared for all weather types.

an average patriot said...

This summer was not normal. I will have gotten everything but my corn. I don't know if you have ever pollinated your own veggies. On a small scale it is cool and fun.
I don't know if you know how corn works but I just pollinated one and I may get an ear or two but we will see because the pollen dropped before the ears even started so there was no hair to grab the pollen.