Monday, August 10, 2009

checkin' in

hotter than hell today and then we had a huge thunderstorm that dumped tons of water in a short time-- flash flooding all over. i had mini flood in the back yard and as soon as the lightening dissipated- i went out back and started shoveling out the water diversion ditch on the side of the house. sigh. the neighbor diverts water from his yard into it also- and it was running down into the ditch and then down ankle deep on the side of my house. we had some very minor water seepage downstairs.

that was my day. i am tired. thank you.



And we can all be glad that you weren't in Taiwan where 80 inches of water fell in 1 week; killing 400 (the current count).

You weren't in Japan; 2 earth-quakes and also heavy rains.

You weren't in China - hundreds dead; mudslides; rain, rain, rain.

We are all so glad you're just dealing with ankle-deep water so you can 'live another day' to write.

Hugs - Diane

Dave Dubya said...

And the rain makes the grass grow and allergies flare and...

And people think I'm nuts when I say I LIKE shoveling snow.

fjb said...

Crap, that sucks. We've still got our lovely drought happening, but at least it's been cooler the last couple of days. :-)