Saturday, August 08, 2009


i am not a business person. i really don't have the patience or tolerance for the marketing stuff. i understand the need for it- i mean how do folks know you are selling something if you don't tell them? as some know, i recently started a shop on my shop's link is on the sidebar. and i really hate hawking wares. i really enjoy making things- not so much what feels so foreign to me. my husband asked me what my demographic was- and i was and am stymied. i have no idea.

people who are looking to buy a cozy blanket for home and hearth? folks who need a baby shower or new home or wedding gift? isn't that pretty much everyone? and he said no- many folks go to target and get a fleece for the couch or walmart and get a crib blanket. it's cheaper. and that got the wheels turning.

i have no idea how to market myself to the folks who believe in value; believe in handmade; believe in passing down a blanket made by grandma and hanging on to it as a link to where we came from; believe in investing in something that lasts and doesn't change with the whim of fads. how would i market that? where do i market that?

is there even a market for that?

i like to believe so. i want to believe that someone somewhere in america still believes that we don't have to shop, shop, shop for cheap crap that doesn't last. i want to believe that somewhere someone wants to return to the days where folks recognized value and craftsmanship and not just price. i just don't understand demographics and where to find them.



an average patriot said...

Hey that's cool Billie! You can do something for sure. Google starting an online business or online sales, starting it, you can do something. That is cool! Make sure it goes.

I have had offers and see all kinds of opportunities but pay no attention to it. I know you can do something. Keep me informed let me know if i can help you figure something out. I wish you all the luck in the world.

betmo said...

not a bad idea. google apparently also has a free analytics tool you can use if you have an account- and i do. perhaps i shall do that.

Spadoman said...

I have had this problem my entire adult life. Like you say, don't people know the value of a hand made gift over a Chinese made thing from Mal Wart?

Over the years, I tried putting stuff in gift stores that consign, but then, they ask for 30% of the price. I could raise prices to cover the consignment fee, but then the item is prices out of the ball park!

But, in high end gift shops in high traffic tourist areas, the price can be raised and people will pay. Also, with on-line stores and on-line web sites, you get what you pay for. To post is free. But a real interactive web site where people can search and find you and your high quality stuff costs money to set up. It's the investment you need to make to be out there. It is risky, but then again, if no one sees your stuff, or if few people see it, then you don't sell at all. Spend some money to make some money.

Make a commitment if you are serious about making a living at it. If it's just for a few extra bucks and the fun of it, be patient and you'll sell here and there.

Lastly, doing high quality shows, like flea markets and art/craft shows, has potential. The better shows that have a lot of traffic has people buying, especially seasonally.

Case in point:
I just bought, (first of June), a quilted baby blanket for a friend in Ohio that just had a child. (If I would have known at the time that's what you were making, I certainly would have bought one from you). I saw it, needed one for a gift, and bought it. It was at a flea market, a woman selling her creations. She didn't make a zillion sales that day, but I bought one.

More in the e-mail loop.


an average patriot said...

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