Monday, May 11, 2009

mulling over the future of this blog

i am currently mulling over how often or even if i write here anymore. the political landscape of the left has changed. many folks believe that obama and the dems are at the helm- hey, let them deal with things- it's their job. many folks just don't care much about what happens these days. they have lost interest or lost stamina- i don't know. looking at the bigger picture isn't 'en vogue' and my thoughts are that the right is even more dangerous than before. they haven't gone away and they haven't gone on vacation. we should be even more vigilant than we have been.

but many want a break- a rest- and hey, the only ones who give a shit are the choir i am preaching to. so, i am thinking that i will use this as a place to link to other blogs i am writing at:

got green

the peace tree

the sirens chronicles

poets 4 peace

and betmo's corner

all are on my sidebar. i don't want to shut this blog down- there is valuable information still here in the archives and links and whatnot- but i simply am not feeling that it is worth my time to write here several times a day- or even daily. we'll see.


Time said...

Why not copy and post (whatever you write for any blog) here on this blog?
I'm sure there will be times when you want to say something that would best be said on this blog. Of course anything you post here can also be copied and posted on a different blog.
I don't see you not having something to say no matter who is in office, or who is is reading what you have to say.
Preaching to the choir is the norm. People who think differently than you find comfort in reading stuff they do agree with. Sad, but true.
It's the same reason you write for and link to those who believe as you do.
Try being a contributor to a conservative blog. Of course you will have to find those that are tolerant of opposing views, that is not easy in the blog world.
I did, and enjoyed it. Unfortunately for some unexplained reason (lack of interest) they stopped blogging.

betmo said...

i could i suppose- but why not just link? you and about 3 other folks read here anymore- and there is little or no debate at all. i was happily surprised by pamela's offer to come over to her place and comment and read. i have tried in the past to become a part of debate and discussion at conservative blogs- and it ended up going nowhere. i would be more than happy to try again if there was an open minded conservative blogger who offered. i don't know if i really care enough these days to seek out. i cannot imagine any sane human being voting for or believing in the same people that brought us to this place- i don't know if i have enough ability to put aside the incredulity to listen to them. i know that they are out there- and it doesn't mean i am enamored with the dems either. far from it.

so, i am still mulling. we'll see.

Brother Tim said...

It's a form of burn-out. The solution to ALL the world's problems is really quite simple: The erasion of poverty.

But the avaristic nature of America will never allow that to happen. Genuine altruism is dead in this country. Philanthropy only comes when one's own gluttony is being satiated; and even then, it is meted out sparingly.

So, as we preach to the choir, we must hold on to hope that there might be future choir members listening, and liking what they hear.

You are a lot more tenacious than I am, Betmo, I wish I had your veracity. Maybe just a couple posts a week (better than I sometimes manage) would prove refreshing to you.

You are valued in the blogosphere..... by all three of us. ;)

WeezieLou said...

oh betmo...............this'll sound pathetic (and VERY selfish) but pls don't go !!!! i'm part of the choir, and can always use a good preaching. tho i know you know i've hit a similar point. but i thought today 'is there anything i want to say today'? and there it is. personal, but counts.

and i agree with Time - cross-post.

i am probably one of the three - and it is always comforting to see a new post.

brother tim - i don't think i've seen you around but (not to just be the choir!) - YES - it's about poverty. at my house, we are sliding down, and scared to death.

Time said...

I'll admit I don't follow what you post on other blogs as often as I should, nor do I visit your "corner" blog as much as I should. I will more, if you stop this blog.
But, I wonder if you will lose the wonderful free flowing rants and ramblings I have grown to love? Will you be aimed at a certain issue, discussion, or mindset going on at another blog?
I love the way you come on here, and just speak your mind. Unfettered, unscripted, honesty right off the top of your head, love it. Screw the rethugs, screw the Dems, screw the grammar and punctuation, just say it!
I have not found some of the blogs you align yourself with as interesting as the pure Betmo!
I would hate to lose that, but wherever you go, I will follow.

betmo said...

thanks time :) you are perhaps the only one who has ever said that they like my rants :)

Pamela D. Hart said...

You mustn't stop, Betmo, I just listed you on my Blogroll the other day! I DO understand your frustration, though. I feel it, too, at times. And while I may not be part of your choir, we are ALL Americans and must band together to get the word out to our Congress to get THEIR act together. You have a lot of useful information and while I may not agree with everything, I enjoy your so-called rantings.

Dusty said...

You know what sista woman?

I write for ME. I write to quiet the voices in my head. I write to soothe the savage breast. I write for ME.

I would write if I never got one iota of notice or even one comment. It feels good to write a long-assed diatribe and know that I can put that ghost to rest for awhile..even if only for a hour or minute.

Besides, if you shuttered this blog, I would be forced to drive my ass to NY state and hunt you down..don't make me do that ok? ;p