Monday, May 11, 2009

sunny monday

turns out we didn't fix my sister's steps yesterday but we did have chinese food- so all was not lost :) good lord, my posts lately resemble a tweet. it's supposed to NOT RAIN today- so i will take the opportunity to wash everything that was in my bathroom closet- as there is about a two inch thick layer of cement dust on everything. but i am optimistic that mr. fixit will affix the tile today- and grout by the end of the week. and perhaps i can have my house back :)

i am thrilled with the tile pick and am making lemonade out of the seller's tile job lemon. the other bright news- we finally bought a sofa for the upstairs living room. yeah!!! won't be here for another 8-12 weeks- but hey, it'll give me plenty of time to steam clean the dust out of the carpet in preparation :)

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