Tuesday, May 12, 2009

second cuppa

taking to heart what my faithful readers said in the last post- and having a second cuppa to compose my thoughts- i will launch into my thoughts :) yesterday was a long day- one of those days that just universally go wrong- everybody i talked to said their day wasn't stellar. perhaps it was effecting me- who knows? for all of lindsey's bloviatiings, i see bloggers backing away and leaving. oh, not the big ones like kos and huffpo- but as much as they helped 'the cause' it was the bloggers like me and my blog buddies all over the world- who really carried the weight. we dissminated news and spread the truth so that the propaganda fell flat.

and now, many of us on the left are tired. we are content to take a breather while president obama does the 'heavy lifting' because, hey, we elected him to do that and we trust him, right? we shouldn't. even if he and his admin were the most trustworthy bunch on the planet- that isn't what america stands for. the founding fathers, contrary to popular belief, fought each other over putting so much power in the hands of 'the people.' john adams and his contingent, apparently the forerunners of the cheney contingent, wanted the government to rule- as 'the great unwashed' could not be trusted with that kind of power. so, the fact that we started out with a government modeled on a democratic republic is remarkable.

it isn't enough to vote. polls are done all of the time here in america- and generally what they show- most americans want social programs- basic human needs met. it's only a small few out of the 300 million or so who live here that want white supremacy and war. but those are the ones who are fighting us to get their power back. and we are deciding to put the foxes back in charge of the henhouse so as to get a bit of 'r and r' and that scares me. we are relaxing and letting our guard down and it will be the end of us. sigh. so, the question is- what should we be doing? in the face of the guerilla war ahead- can we ever win it? it's like our own iraq without the bombs.

anyhoo, i imagine that i will decide to stick around- perhaps not as much as lately- but it seems to ebb and flow. i will continue mulling and reading others and hopefully, it will give me the shot i need to jump start.

at the peace tree today.


fjb said...

Sometimes I feel it pays to take a break from the constant barrage of ugly that can be so overwhelming, to say the least. When you spend a lot of time verbally smacking complacent people up the side of the head attempting to wake them up to the fact that they're being duped, you get tired. Very tired. And not just a little frustrated.

I take a "hiatus" once in a while to immerse myself in reconnecting with me. If I didn't, I'd quite possibly revert back to the same angry, bitter, miserable old bag I was years ago. Enjoy yourself and if you need to, take some time off Bet, you deserve it.:)

Pamela D. Hart said...

Very well said, FJB. I take time once in awhile myself, from tv, radio the newspaper and from blogging. I HAVE to, or I'll drive myself nuts, and believe me, I don't need any help! I have a tendency to be on the obsessive side. I also refuse to take the bait, from BOTH sides, and turn mean and hateful or get down and dirty and debase others. I play fair and I'm respectful. I think it's important not to lose your values when blogging as so many have.

landsker said...

Ah, Betmo...
Indeed, there are moments when blogging seems to have no point, the world doesn`t change as a result...

It is slow, but I`m sure that by now many things are changing.
Many more people are now fully aware of the lies of militarism and big oil, of the existence of the bilderberg group.
How quickly the folks from middle east posted the pictures of torture in Iraq, and thus shamed the US government.
It took a while, but now most of the world knows that the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were based on deception and lies, whereas without the internet and bloggers, the mainstream press would have successfully fooled the public once more.

We have all begun to realise that there isn`t so much difference between the peoples of the world, apart from a few , most folk want the same thing.. clean food and water, shelter, education etc.
I`d say that the world has changed as a result, not of one blog, or one protest, but because of millions of people preferring the information from "the streets" rather than from government.