Saturday, August 23, 2008

ok here's the deal

hillary clinton did not win the nomination.

get the fuck over it.

for those of us that did not make obama our first choice, there is certainly disappointment that our candidate did not win. the primaries have been over for weeks. let's move on shall we? this is a majority rule country- like it or not. the election system is broken- like it or not. to say that you will vote for mccain because you don't like obama- that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of in this election season. believe me- i have heard quite a few.

if you are a clinton supporter and intend to vote for mccain because you 'don't like obama as a person' because 'he doesn't understand' and blah, blah, blah- please don't call yourself a feminist because you are the furthest thing from. please don't call yourself an activist because a vote for mccain is a vote against democracy. like what you have seen for the last 8 years? then by all means- vote mccain out of spite. the bush admin has been working steadily over the last 8 years- in conjunction with the christian right- to take away women's rights and women's reproductive rights. so, please, vote mccain. healthcare and education for your children is important to you? mccain intends to keep right on keepin' on where bushco left off- so by all means cast your vote in that direction.

you so called 'feminists and activists' are the reason that women have such a difficult time in a man's world. there is no looking at the bigger picture and there is no compromise- it's your way or you throw a big fit and become spiteful. apparently, you don't realize that there is a third party candidate running for president named cynthia mckinney. a strong african american woman running on the green party ticket.

no, of course you wouldn't know that- you are too busy planning your revenge- being spiteful- you can't see the forest through the trees.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"hillary clinton did not win the nomination. get the fuck over it."
It takes intelligence to do that. This past Democratic Primary's I.Q. of the two camps was very cold bath water.

"to say that you will vote for mccain because you don't like obama- that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard of in this election season"
If that person has more in common with McCain than they do Obama, it makes all the sense in the world.

I hated both Shrillary and Oblahma. I tore off the head and shit in the hole of a Obama supporter, for using right wing tactics. Her response was to delete any and all comments I left, like a good Right Wing Bitch. Meanwhile, from the other side of the fence, a Hilary fraud was doing exactly the same damn thing, and getting so shrill about it in the process, I told her either shut up or grow up!

Her response was to send me a blistering, demeaning email (I still have it if anyone would like to see it) any Right Wing Fundamentalist would be proud of. She was a fraudulent pretend Nun, and Catholic. Her actions showed her to be nothing but another Right Wing Fundamentalist. She suddenly had "mysterious reasons" for closing her blog that she said everybody knew about. That was strange, because I had read her blog everyday and hadn't a clue. The next day, she shut her blog down with a flourish. But not for long. Apparently, the "mysterious reasons" disappeared. Like any Right Wing phony Bitch, she surfaced again after reinventing herself.

These two complete losers, coupled with the hundreds of other losers just as brick hard fucking stupid, convinced me that blogging and commenting was a complete waste of my time, so I now only do it when I have time to waste.

Both McCain and Obama have everything in common. They both sat down with a Jesus Freak at the same time, and discussed the role of religion in our election process.

THAT is the dumbest Goddamn thing I have ever seen! Not McCain or Obama for doing it; it was their campaign choice. The dumbest Goddamn thing was the amoumt of dipshit bloggers who actually "discussed the political merits" of that meeting, as one fucking moron put it!!

For toppers, Mr. Black Hopless Fucker picked Jesus Joe Biden, he who has suffered his whole life from diarrhea of the mouth and paralysis of the ass, for a running mate.

The bloggers think this election matters.

What a bunch of dumb fucks!

Beth said...

I saw this woman on Hardball who was so upset that there was sexisim in the primaries that she would not vote for obama but was going to vote for mccain. HUH? This so called feminist clearly does not understand McCain's standing and voting record on womens issues and how important it is to protect the court from more appointments from the right wing in order to preserve women's rights. I suspect many of these people are actually McCain supporters.

Dave Dubya said...

Touchy subject. So many harsh words. Look at the raw emotion in play.

I "hated" Bill Clinton, but had the sense to know he was a better choice than the Republicans.

Does anyone think Gore would have picked Alito and Roberts?

Does anyone think Obama would nominate the same Supreme Court judges McCain would?

If there is no other issue, wouldn't this one differentiate the two candidates and parties?

How can anyone say there is no difference?

Personally, I think the Dems would have picked a loser either way. That said, I will still always vote against the Republican. They simply are the greatest evil.

If these Hillary fanatics are not closet Republicans, I can’t tell the difference.

So go ahead, get all worked up, and let the party of aristocrats, theocrats, autocrats, and plutocrats continue their work. They love Americans’ emotional lability, apathy and ignorance.

And ya wonder why Americans get the government they deserve.

betmo said...

dave, it's only a touchy subject if you don't want to offend anyone. i do not suffer from that problem. these women are not feminists and they are certainly not liberals or progressives if they intend to vote mccain. at the very least, they are immature and apparently, have way too much time on their hands since they are campaigning so hard against democracy. the issues they claim to believe in are not the ones mccain ever claimed to- and to vote for a man who clearly treats his former wife and current one with so much contempt and misogyny- well, color me perplexed.

these women clearly can't see the forest through the trees- if they took their heads out of their collective asses for any amount of time, they would realize that there is another woman running for president and she is a flaming liberal. she's running on the green party ticket and she is about as 'minority' as you can get as she's african american and a woman. but these feministas are clearly as racist as mccain is misogynistic and they apparently, can't bring themselves to vote for a person of color. of either gender.

aoc gold said...
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