Sunday, August 24, 2008

long ago but not far away

anyone else read 'foundation' by isaac asimov recently? i had never so my husband suggested i do so. i am up to 'the mayors' right now. it really drives home the point that technologies come and go but the way people behave stays the same. my mom and i were talking about the fact that europe and other continents and countries have already gone through what we are now. we are a fairly young country. it doesn't make it right or easier that this is our first time but apparently, people don't or won't learn from their mistakes.

'give me reason but don't give me choice 'cuz i'll just make the same mistake again.'


immortal technique


Intrepidflame said...

Immortal Technique have another great song called 4th Branch of the Government on the Body of War soundtrack.

aoc gold said...
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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Both video producers are obviously learned intellectuals.:)

"Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand is also an excellent read about trying to sage the world from its own stupidity.