Sunday, August 03, 2008

in the home stretch

friends are here through monday- outlaws are headed home. i will have a post at the peace tree on tuesday and hopefully be back in the swing of things. i am a wee bit pooped with all of the entertaining but at least i am getting it out of the way mid summer :) enjoy the rest of the weekend- back into the fray tomorrow.


Dusty said...


Will you be posting at Sirens too chica?

an average patriot said...

Dusty you are funny!

Betmo very good you should be tired and I trust you have had a good time.

John Good said...

Is the entire blogosphere asleep or is it just me. . .?

Dusty said...

I been blogging my ass off today John!

My vacation is in two weeks. ;) But being the anal retentive bitch I am.. I will blog on my vacation..sick huh? ;p

betmo said...

yes my darlin' i will soon be back at sirens. :) i am running on fumes right now- i am so very tired of company. these chicks wear me out too and tomorrow- i get to go to another movie. sigh.

no, john, i think the blogosphere has been sleeping all summer. it isn't just you. :)

Dusty said...

Well, Sirens is hanging in there, so take your time m'dear Billie. Jim and Carol and everyone else is writing quite a bit.

But I miss your pov. ;)