Friday, August 01, 2008

yeah, but christian bale is hot :)

dark knight review by jim kunstler


an average patriot said...

I did not and will not watch the Batman movie but that guy nailed this: The rich symbolism in this spectacle represents the tenor of contemporary America as something a few notches worse than whatever the Nazis were heading toward around 1933.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Reading the review, I was quite suprised (blatant references to THAT religious practice?) to read the following analysis of "The Joker"...

>>>All he has is the memory of an evil father who performed a symbolic sadomasochistic oral rape on him, and so he is now programmed to go about similarly mutilating folks, blowing things up, and wrecking everyone's hopes and dreams because he has nothing better to do."

Sounds like Henry Kissinger, during the bombing of South East Asia.
Ah well, there ya go, it`s Sunday, and time to go to the work.

betmo said...

i found the whole essay interesting- obviously, i went to see it (with the outlaws). my own thought- there isn't much hope for humankind. so, if a movie reflects that, as well as the fact that most people (at least in american culture) suck and are only out for themselves- well, it's reality on the screen. i am surprised that kunstler referenced religion so much too- perhaps the hope and redemption angle- but i think humankind is well beyond where religion actually helps. it is certainly the excuse for some pretty piss poor behaviour- but help- not so much.

Dusty said...

Jesus is this movie that depressing?

I just watch the news to get depressed.

landsker said...

I haven`t seen the movie, will wait until it`s free on t`internet, or more likely I won`t bother at all.

I remember the comics from the fifties and sixties, and saw them then as no more than escapist fun. The allegories and metaphors of religion were not apparent.
Now, decades later, the idea that real evil (The Penguin) wears a dinner suit and a bow tie, and hides itslf amongst the local population, well, I guess that therein might be a grain of truth.
Who knows, maybe one day, life will imitate art, and the super-crooks will be rounded up and taken to the bat cave.