Tuesday, May 06, 2008


my american history is admittedly rusty- the only american history i am current in is the constitution. but here's the deal- i think i remember enough to know that the constitutional convention folks compromised and our system is set up so that all states have an equal voice in politics. hence the bicameral congress. so, when i read stupid shit like this:

"Surely winning a large state like New York or Ohio means more than winning a small state like Delaware or Nebraska."

really pisses me off. i realize elections are different than actual governing, but if those small states were so small- why do they bother to have delegates? what difference does it make in the grander scheme of things if you have 18 little states or 5 big ones? aren't we all supposed to be americans? i realize that i am dramatically simplifying and completely jumping on one 'sound bite' from the post- but isn't that what i have been trained to do by pundits like this?

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

'S All about the Electoral College.

The Dumbocrats aren't letting two very big states vote in their own primary....it's the thing to do now. They all learned it at the knee of Georgie.