Tuesday, May 06, 2008

two things


911 operator falls asleep on the job

and second:

meatloaf turned 'paradise by the dashboard lights'-- into a phone commercial.



Anonymous said...

I can't look at Meatloaf anymore after his part in Fight Club.

I do have to defend the 911 operator though. It's (in most places) a stressful job, lots of long hours and OT. The environment does not promote healthy eating habits, among other things.

That video was decidedly one sided. Not saying it was right, but human mistakes happen. You hear about 911 operators "effing" up all the time, but people forget about the other 150 to 200 calls one operator may have successfully handled that day.

Tengrain said...

My blood runs cold, my memories have just been sold.



The Future Was Yesterday said...
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The Future Was Yesterday said...

I do wish this damn keyboard would do what I tell it to, instead of the fucking devil...(:

"911 operator falls asleep on the job

Doubtlessly a blogger.

And where the hell was the meatloat?

dawn said...

I was so dissappointed that Meatloaf sold out. Bat out of Hell is one of my favorite albums.As teenagers we would sing the entire album. Oh well very sad

an average patriot said...

That 911 operator falling asleep is pretty screwed up. I hope that person is let go! At least no one got hurt right?
I saw the Meatloaf commercial a while back. To me that song was his lone good song. I thought the commercial stupid but that his son looked just like him.
I am following so much growing crisis today it is mind boggling!

WeezieLou said...

i couldn't get the 911 story to load.

i'm so sick of singers selling out. ever since carly simon sold 'anticipation' to the ketchup company, my stomach just turns a little