Saturday, April 05, 2008

why don't people wake up?

and why do i keep asking that question? i know why. anyhoo- folks, you can believe what you want- but when enough goppers are talking about victories in november for the party who helped bring us all of the splendor we have today- we may want to take notice. they have something planned beyond the bought and paid for, rigged elections. i have heard words and seen things in america that i never thought i would live to experience- so there is nothing out of the realm of possibility in my estimation. it continues to baffle me why we think that the very people who have lied, cheated, stole, and usurped- would be law abiding in any fashion. it's like watching an episode- or three- of world's wildest police videos. those folks are always shocked when the ahem- alleged perp makes a run for it. meanwhile, they run the guy's tags and find out that he just murdered someone and stolen the car. wake up- and at least acknowledge that the old way of life is over.


an average patriot said...

You better be very concerned I am. There are so many ways to steal the election or just stay in power today. Only an idiot would think it is not going to happen again.
After MLK, RFK, and JFK, I absolutely expect Obama to be assassinated if it looks like he may get in. Just think of how that will blow America apart and while everything else is going on.
We are in serious trouble and I can't get anyone to take it seriously. Bush will be able to take take total control of us and our country cancel elections at stay at the helm of his forever war. Time should have told everyone that things get worse they don't get better!

Sarah said...

The Republican party is corrupted to the core, no doubt. There is no low they won't sink to in order to gain power. Eight years of Bush proves my point.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

you could be right, b, but I hope justice will prevail and there will be a fair election.

we certainly cannot afford 4 more years ofthe gop. bye bye supreme court.

mccain seems to be an improvement over bush but that is like saying a cold is better than the flu.

have a good weekend, b.