Friday, April 04, 2008

romania should be proud

when i read this story- i chuckled. looks like georgie boy got outdone by another george. i am a sucker for beautiful music- i love classical and various folks songs from around the world and i always like to listen to something new even if i don't eventually care for it. i also like action flicks- and one of my faves- kill bill vol. 1 and 2. love them. there is a lot of great music in those films- say what you want to about tarantino- he knows how to make movies. anyhoo- i fell in love with 'the lonely shepherd'- holy crap is that a moving song. just absolutely beautiful. so, of course, i had to know whose fault it was that this song had to be played over and over- and doncha know- it's zamfir. yep. so- please- watch the video here and in the article. you will be really glad you did. gheorghe zamfir is one talented guy- and he really loves his music.

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shawn (aka blogstud) said...

thanks for sharing. have a wonderful weekend, b.