Friday, April 04, 2008

place holder

i fully intend to attempt to write something worth reading here sometime. no- that isn't a threat ;) busy day today- so maybe this weekend- the weather is supposed to be craptastic. i started reading naomi klein's book- you know the one- 'the shock doctrine'- probably not a wise move right before bed. this is going to be another tough one. i still haven't read 'the one percent doctrine' by ron suskind. perhaps the problem is in the 'doctrine' part. anyway- it make my blood pressure go through the roof that these folks have been doing what they have been doing- for almost 40 years with impunity. deep breaths. i am having my morning cuppa and must prepare for the office. more to come....

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Dusty said...

Hey..I really want to read her book, but my blood pressure is high enough damn it..

Such a quandry ;)

Have a good day Betmo!