Tuesday, April 01, 2008


36 states to face water shortages in next 5 years

cisterns and rain barrels at the very basic levels- i don't know what else to tell ya. it's here.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"it's here."
I hope to toot Lady. It's BEEN here, and our rainfall through the winter didn't even come close to what we need.

From the article: ", while increasing sprawl, population and inefficient resource usage "
That just drives me bonkers as an old Farmer. Water simply will NOT soak into cement!:) We cover everything with those damn malls and parking lots for them, and wonder why we have no ground water! DUH!!!!!!!!!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

it's scary. very scary. in Texas, I have heard businesses are going though and buying up water rights so they can gouge us later.

how is that for being good corporate citizens?

we are our own worst enemies sometimes.

hope you had a good weekend, b.

Intrepidflame said...

Betmo and all your readers I invite you please come over and read, watch, and comment at my site. I haven't been writing politically lately, but this one feels right. feels important:


proudprogressive said...

Not only that but there is a wheat fungus working on ravaging its way through Africa..famine anyone ?

fjb said...

Let's hope that when it really hits the fan, people will keep their heads, but I doubt it.:(

A little note on rain barrels (you probably know this already, but sometimes even I forget to do it!): A little squirt of pure liquid Ivory soap in the barrel and a cover will stop the mosquitoes from setting up house and laying eggs.

betmo said...

as a matter of fact- i did not know that :) so thank you for the info :)