Wednesday, April 02, 2008

chilly spring day

quick blurb- had to do an er run with my sister early this morning- she twisted her knee this morning before trying to go to work. she was attempting to grab her cat (who is feeling so much better that he escaped her clutches when she was attempting to give him his medicine) and fell and twisted her knee. well, she is double jointed anyway- and this is her trick knee- and ordinarily she can rub the knee cap back into place and is sore but ok. not this time. so- i am not an early morning person. at all. i didn't have any cuppas until 11:30am and well, this may or may not be it for over the hump day. i am currently having a strong cuppa and catching up on the email. head on over to bz's- intrepid flame- the link is in the previous post's comments. later.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm a passable comedy writer, and nothing I can write can touch this!:)

But good luck to your Sister and I hope she's ok, and even better luck to that cat, when she catches it!