Tuesday, April 01, 2008

as an upstater

not to be rude but- good riddance if you can do it. folks who haven't been asked if all of us upstaters are inbred- probably think it's harsh. having gone to school with and eventually married a long islander- who has spent the majority of his life here (and his whole family got off the island when they could- moved to florida which is about one step above)- i have a bit of insight into it. it is a culture like none i have ever seen- and while there are some nice, decent folks ( i married one) the downstate crowd- especially the monied long islanders- are arrogant, rude, spoiled people. they have more money than sense down there- and if i hadn't heard ad nauseum about how backwards we are up here in the wilds of upstate and how there's no place like the island over and over... i might have less of an outright dislike for the folks down there.

by all means- we'll vote for it if allowed. get it on the state ballot come novemember- and yous can have at it.


an average patriot said...

There's no way that will go there. Some day and as you know, it is coming, they will admire you upststers. Can you imagine aww I better shut up!

dawn said...

Hey girl, Ilike upstaters and yes a lot are arrogant and snotty on long island but not all mostly nassau and the hamptoms. It would never pass