Friday, March 14, 2008

great commentary

"I cannot watch the news on television anymore. I am tired of the lies told baldly to my face and the “spin” put on everything that is not in the Empires best interests. That is what we are; an Empire that rules the world in order for the benefit of The United States. Listen further my fellow Americans, when I say for the benefit of the United States, I am not talking about the people of the United States, rather I am talking about those that own and manage the United States. These people are the people in our government, our corporate leaders, and our mega-wealthy ruling class. The people of the United States are no more or less important to these people than anyone else in this world save for the fact that we pull the lever to put them in power."

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Me said...

I've had this attitude for quite some time....I've never understood for example why people watch Fox News and then spend some much time ringing their hands and belly aching about what they see. We know what they are, we know what they do....that's not changing...why waste your time? They cater to a very specific audience. I've never understood peoples need to keep up with what all those on the other side are saying and how they're spinning it today.