Friday, March 14, 2008

fellow gen xer for change

"A great nation of 300 million people should be able to come up with a non-Clinton to replace another Bush. How did the idealism of the baby boomers we hear so much about translate into the Clintons and George Bush in the White House? Is Obama the answer? I do not know. I do know that more of the same is not needed.

I believe Democrats have a chance to escape the family dynamics of the past two decades, and choose a candidate that truly offers a view different from the calcified politics dating back to NAFTA."

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an average patriot said...

I'm a baby boomer. I don't think it's a boomer thing just a fear of change. I don't like change myself but Barack is the change we need. whether he is allowed to happen is another question. Barack was not my first choice but he is the peoples choice and he is a good one. That is all that should matter!