Friday, March 14, 2008

apparently, we bloggers have to do everything

see bush lyrics here

did anyone else miss the irony of bush ripping off 'green, green grass of home?'

'The song is about a man who has been away from home for a while. He tells that he is returning to his small home town in the country. When he steps down from the train, he touches the green grass. His parents and "sweet Mary" (who obviously is an old Sweetheart) are there to welcome him. He observes tokens of his childhood, including "the old oak tree that [I] used to play on".

However, then comes a spoken section when he awakens in prison: "Then I awake and look around me, at four grey walls that surround me. And I realize that I was only dreaming." The man is, in reality, awaiting his execution, and he will only return home when he is dead and buried: "Yes, they'll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree, as they lay me 'neath the green, green grass of home."

betmo's mom has the song on vinyl- from the time period no less- so guess who was laughing her ass off because she doubts any of the washington elite realized the irony either? yep. :)

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Dave Dubya said...

And, of course, the "real" news we hear endlessly regurgitated is Spitzer and Ferraro.

Pay no attention to the arrogant, cruel and stupid man behind the curtain.

Maybe it's time to stop calling it the Mainstream Media and the Corporate Media and just get to the point. It's turning into the Republican Media. They act like they still have to shield the Decider from our sight.

They are also doing an excellent job of obsessively focusing on the Democrats' self immolation while soft soaping the "straight talking war hero" McCain.