Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my prediction for november

i believe it will be an obama vs. romney race for president in 2008. what makes you say that?, you may ask.

simply this and this and this.


an average patriot said...

it really is not a good thought. Being from Massachusetts and knowing he is underhanded, a Bush wannabe, and destroyed Mass. I said a year and a half ago many times that we would be facing him.
He would bring their Religious base and unite the party. he would bring the radio personalities back too. Not to discount that as you point out, his son has been saying for the last week Romney may get in again in some capacity.

Naj said...


an average patriot said...

Hi naj
If that Romney? was to me. Yes he is thinking about getting back in and if he did he would bring their party together where McCain tore it apart and they would be a real threat. We cannot afford stay the war mongering course McCain period!