Wednesday, February 27, 2008

delicious wednesday

i, of course, updated my newsy links on delicious. give it a peek and see if i did ok :) as i read, i tag- so there's probably something new there everyday. if you want to see backlinks- just click on betblue on delicious to see them all. i tried to tag appropriately.

do check out one million peace signs. it's a neat idea and the folks there are enthusiastic. the blog is based on peace pics that folks can post and write captions for. so- i have posted a few over there but the goal is 1,000,000- so there are lots. if you need some spirit lifting- take a peek. if you want to join- all you have to do is join flickr- it's free- and you can post your pics to the group and talk to zoey and you can post right to the blog.

sirens has gotten acclaim from fellow bloggers lately- so a big thank you, thank you is in order. thank you to my fellow posters over there- and to the loyal readers who enjoy what we write. and a big thanks to dusty for keeping it altogether over there :)

must shovel today- we got a few inches :) so, read and enjoy each other in the blogosphere.

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