Thursday, January 17, 2008

juan cole

this is what you won't see in 'american news'- because we don't have a fourth estate anymore- just a corporate state.

"Lebanese papers published on the Internet from 11 to 14 January carried the following reactions to US President George Bush's regional tour:

Beirut Al-Nahar (Internet Version-WWW) in Arabic (Independent, moderate, centrist, and Christian . . . On 11 January, Al-Nahar publishes a 700-word commentary by Mustafa al-Labbad titled "The Lame Duck Before Departure"

Al-Labbad adds: "Phrases such as 'divine inspiration' and 'who ever is not with us is against us' and the 'Crusader war' and 'fascist Islamism' have shaken the image of the US in the region and the world; hence, the successor of President Bush in the White House will have to exert much sincere effort to restore this image and eliminate the impact of the assaults against international law, international relations, and individual liberties in the US. In addition, Bush's policies have weakened the chances of Republican candidates in the next presidential elections opposite any of the Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, regardless of the identity of the Republican candidate."

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