Wednesday, January 16, 2008

this is what you missed last night on NBC

full coverage- democracy now! amy goodman interviews dennis kucinich


Larry said...

Much better than the mindless debate.

Brother Tim said...

When a Media giant like NBC is afraid of someone, people should be standing up and taking notice.

Damn, what I wouldn't give, to see a little Electorate Intelligence. The complacency, apathy, and down-right stupidity of the masses is mind-boggling.

PS-- The word verification on this post is that's rich!

Spadoman said...

I watched this program last evening. I have it on LINK TV, (Direct TV satellite). I really believe the other candidates didn't make a fuss about it because they, too, wanted him off. They would have had to been exposed on the real issues. Kucinich tells the truth.

I would have more respect for any candidate that would have boycotted the debate than I have for anything any of them said.

Truth 1
American People 0

peace to all.

Ingrid said...

wish I had time to read it but I'm on my way out to get the kids from school. However, Amy Goodman, what more is there to say? it is ALWAYS enlightening to read anything from Democracy Now.