Thursday, January 17, 2008

glenn greenwald- telecoms

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"Over the past several months, Democratic Senators Jay Rockefeller and Harry Reid have been the two most valuable instruments in the Bush administration's efforts to obtain vastly expanded warrantless eavesdropping powers and immunity for lawbreaking telecoms. As the Senate returns to Washington next week, Reid is apparently now more determined than ever before to ensure that the Bush administration's FISA demands are complied with in full.

None of this is particularly surprising. As The Washington Post's Dan Frookmin aptly put it yesterday in his online chat:

West Union, Iowa: What's your take on how the upcoming FISA renewal will play out?

Dan Froomkin: I'm betting on Bush beating the Democrats into submission again. So far, that's been a safe bet."


an average patriot said...

Reid pisses me off! My thanks to Dodd but you know the chief lying idiot will get his friggen way so he can continue with this misagenda!

Larry said...

Funny how one step to power can tarnish the former words of the same worhtless man.