Thursday, January 10, 2008

i have to agree

with hollywood farm girl. and she lives in friggin' hollywood and is married to a rock star. i mean what could she possibly know? it's common sense really. when i look around and see so very many folks plugged in to ipods and portable tvs and dvd players (they are in cars now) and video games- i am dumbfounded. when is there quiet time? i watch tv. i even listen to music. i grew up with tv and record players- in fact we had one of those all in one things that had record player, 8 track player and radio- and later i had cassette players. i had a walkman. but the one thing i didn't have was a parent who plugged me in. we had actual real life playtime. outside. in winter. in summer. hell, i even played in the rain. and it was good. i had a parent who read to me- who didn't put in a disney video or barney or dora the explorer or whatever- to entertain me. those types of things happened on the weekends. we got up early to watch saturday morning cartoons.

anyhoo- my soap box just mirrors hers and quite frankly- her's is better.

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annie said...

i always enjoy tammy's blog.