Thursday, January 10, 2008

research is power

i have taken a wee bit of time to tool around and see what is passing for news these days- and i guess i am getting a little desperate. let me rephrase- i starting to feel that desperation again. i am getting the feeling that folks are just looking at things on the surface again instead of digging beneath it. i know- i really do know- everyone is weary of politics. everyone is tired of feeling depressed and stressed and frustrated. i hate to pile on- but it is only going to get worse before it gets better. we have folks in the economy sector, for example, telling us that the stock markets are down, the economy is weak and we are in a recession, the dollar is probably the lowest it has ever been since like 1812 or something. ugly. it doesn't have to be forever.

my plea is- don't get caught up in soaring rhetoric and sound bites- really look at your favorite candidate. look at who they want to tap as advisors and experts- check their voting records on issues that matter- not emotional ones like whether they voted for or against flag burning. the pundits and talking heads and the powers that be- they don't want you looking. they want you caught up in the moment. they have done research. they know we want change and we want it now. they are telling us what they think we want to hear- and we are lapping it up. some folks dig below the surface and find the truth. we all need to do that. we cannot rely on folks to be honest and we can't rely on others to have our best interests at heart. take some time and research. preferably before you vote in your state's primary. thanks.

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Daniel said...

Truth is a scarce commodity in our world, Betmo, and, no thanks to our masters, it is harder to find than gold.