Wednesday, October 17, 2007

we need to decorporatize- and quick!

Les Enrag� Today Was World Food Day


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Day late and a Dollar short I'm afraid...but we can try.

Joseph E Lawrence said...

Wow!!!! Is it really the end?? Has our economy and our country reached a point of no return?? Or can we (The People) bring it back to where it once was?? Everyone is so quick to blame our decline on the short attention span of the most recent generations, or that automation has decreased the required work force that companies must employ. Ask the average person, and you will find their answer to be just another parroted version of what they heard on CNN or Fox.

What you will not hear, is that we are all buying into a shell game that is being played to give the illusion that one of our political parties (republican or democrat) is better than the other. Do you think (when it really comes down to it) that they care who is really in power. I submit that the answer is no!!!! As long as they keep us fighting amongst each other, they know they can both continue to rob the average citizen blind. This is evidenced by the fact that every congessperson and/or senator is bought and paid for by the large corporations that pay millions to get them elected. I would venture to guess that these corporations (many of which support both sides) expect something in return. I would go so far as to say that the corporations are orchestrating the majority of the issues that we face on a daily basis.

Look who is getting all the economic growth!!! Look who really owns the property!!! Who is getting the money from your pay check?? Do you have a mortgage?? Is you house really yours??

1. The government
2. The major corporations

Combined (as a united force) how much of the nation's wealth do they control? If you really watch where your money goes, how much of it do you put back into the community? I, too, am just as guilty. Most of us have no choice but to patronize the Walmarts and the Jiffy Lubes. We do not make enough to use our local butcher shop (I don't even know if those things still exist), or take our cars to our local mechanic. How can we, when we have to work two or three jobs just to get by. The larger corporations can buy in bulk, and offer services and goods at a fraction of the price. And why can we only afford to shop at these giant corporate chains? Because we can't afford to compete with them, and end up working for them for a wage that is extremely insufficient.

They are rapidly turning us into a communistic style economy, where our rulers are the extremely wealthy corporations. We are losing our middle class!! Think about the fact that the corporations donate to the charities that give hand outs. This keeps the citizens as dependants of them. You don't see Walmart assisting in creating the local market where you can phone in your meat order for saturday's barbeque, and know that it will be packaged and waiting for you. If they did, they would be jeopardizing their bottom line.

As a result, we must unite. We must manage our money in a way that enables us to periodically (as often as your individual budget allows) and systematically plan on using the local butcher. As we apply this concept, we will see our local communities grow. We will, eventually realize the loosening of the death grip we are currently in. The major corporations will no longer be so major, and we will return a solid middle class to America.

Stand up, and insist that our elected officials (republican or democrat) do their job. Tax us only the amount necessary to protect us, and provide an environment for our local communities to thrive. Stop them from stealing your money, only to make you jump through their hoops to get it back. Tell them you are tired of them sticking their noses where they have no business being. Once we control them, it will free up the money you and I can be using to decorporatize our communities.

So, again, I ask.........have we reached the point of no return?? SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS IN AMERICA!!

betmo said...

i agree with what you are saying to an extent- i rang the clarion call to action for years- to no avail. i have been branded a conspiracy theorist, kook, etc., and there are still so many who naively think we can do anything with voting system that is stacked against, we, the people. i submit that we can afford to buy local. you get what you pay for and when i see people in my local grocery store who choose a gallon of some purple drink for their kid over juice- even the frozen from concentrate is better than that crap- when the cost is about the same- well, i tend to be a bit cynical.

i absolutely buy local when i can and there are still local butchers if you look hard enough- but it is hard to find. farmer's markets are springing up around and if you can buy 2 real tomatoes instead of 4 of those hard tasteless wonders in the store- i say do it.

i agree that we have a one party system for a two class system. it really is that simple. unfortunately, from what i view in my own small corner of the globe- and over the internets and tv waves- there are more folks out there who believe we can and should fix this broken system instead of scrapping it and starting fresh. it's why i stopped writing in the first place....