Wednesday, October 17, 2007

privatizing- and why it isn't always good

we have heard a lot from the right about capitalism and how we need to embrace it wholeheartedly with absolutely no regard for anything else. consumerism is what keeps the machinery of the world- and corporations- going. they want to privatize everything- from social security and medicare- to the post office (which they did fyi)- oh and did i mention the airport security?. well, renegade eye has done a fine job of laying it all out in this recent post:

contracting out the war in iraq

"Private contractors in Iraq do everything from cooking food and doing the laundry to driving trucks and building bridges. Using them on such a vast scale is part of the privatization of the war, which is not only politically convenient, but results in massive profits for the companies involved. As of July 2007, there were more than 630 war contracting companies working in Iraq for the U.S. government."

my own thought is- we need a blend. the neo cons have taken the worst bits of every evil, brutal regime and blended them together to make what we see here today. i say we blend together all of the best elements of the successful, peaceful societies and make them our own. investing in human beings is much more profitable in the long run than investing in things. think about that before you buy something you really don't need.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

For two world wars, and one Korean war, the soldier did all those jobs, and it seems we didn't fare too badly. To the best of my knowledge, none of those soldiers ever made 100K a year.:P

It wasn't broke - but we fixed it anyway.

Renegade Eye said...

Thank you for plugging John's post. I'm sending him your post.