Sunday, October 07, 2007

hopefully, the end of summer

sophie lettin' it rest

my sister's cat jacques snoozin' in the sunshine

isaac coolin' his undersides on a hot day


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Remember when it used to be the Dog Days of Summer?:)

Still high 80's down here. 91 Yeserday.

fjb said...

We had sleet the other day. Ah, the joy of living in the Great White North! I see the cats are still thoroughly enjoying the new furniture.

enigma4ever said... sweet...meowooooowwwww...

so ...
some good news..
Bluegrrrrl is back ;-)

and so is mIrth ;-)

thought you might like to know;-)

Larry said...

I hate winter so I want summer to never end.

bluegrrrrl said...

well I'm more of a winter person, so the end of summer is always a happy moment for me! ;)

Hey E4E--news travels fast, huh!

just wanted to drop by with my new URL...

thanks for checking in while I was out of the game, betmo!

awesome cats, btw!

WeezieLou said...

pictures like those of your cats are better than valium!