Saturday, October 06, 2007

the left with its head jammed up its ass

see, i don't find ron paul's scenario to be nutty. in fact, based on what i see in the msm and alternative news sources- it's looking fairly accurate. so i suggest to mr. benan that he leave his office once in a while and get the real story. or keep his head jammed up in his asshole and keep believing that this is the america it used to be.


Ingrid said...

Betmo, funny you should mention that. Here in Texas, well, at least the Austin area I see bumper stickers and loads of signs up for him already, bought and home made! Of course he's easily painted or dismissed as a kook but look a little closer he's probably being realistic in some areas. The rest is opinion. At least he's a doctor and not a lawyer! He's seen plenty of things others haven't.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"The world's elites are busy forming a North American Union. "
That's entirely true. And if/when they do, they and the EU will be telling us how high to jump.

Ron Paul has some good ideas, he gave a great hour long speech about the Reich Wing stealing the country.....but he's still campaigning as a Republican, and shows no sign of putting his political affiliations where his speeches are, i.e. turning Independent.

For that reason alone, Ron Paul can go intercourse himself!

Spadoman said...

bvmThe scenario is true. The whole idea stems from union busting the Teamsters and Longshoreman's Union among others. More interesting in this same vein of union busting, is the story, by the same author, of a Minnesota National Guard unit that returned from Iraq, one day short of the required time to "earn" educational benefits. This is what the unions have done to avoid making workers eligible for union benefits, work them 29 days when 30 were needed to get benefits. The story about the Natl. Guard unit is in a byline that says something about a bad way to support our troops above the Ron Paul story.

Ron Paul is not my favorite candidate, yet he does lay it out there. The frontrunners should consider someone like Paul and get them on the podium with them. Tell the truth, lay it out there and let the American voters know the real scoop. That won't happen, as it is a contest of money, just like a stock or a corporation quarterly report. This system sucks. It is unfair and biased to money. Always has been, read about G. Washington, the first "president", and all that followed. All rich white men.

Renegade Eye said...

I think if you closely looked at Paul's program, you would see you are not a match with him.

betmo said...

mornin' ren- no- i am not endorsing ron paul- i refuse to vote for any repub at this time. i just think that it is beyond infuriating for folks on the left to continue to believe in smokescreens. i don't think ron paul is paranoid or crazy- he's just a repub who has been screwed over by his party.

Larry said...

The only sane thing Ron Paul is for is ending the war.

Everything else is still totally Repug and Repugnant.