Monday, October 08, 2007

add another to the list

i grew up on country music- believe it or not. oh, not garth brooks and reba mcintyre- no not me. i got to listen to conway and loretta, dolly, charlie pride,- and merle haggard. why? my mom listened to them. i had no idea what they were singing about- which was probably for the best considering i didn't need to know what a man with a 'slow hand' was- or what went on 'behind closed doors.' then came merle, kris and 'waylon and willie and the boys.' i am not familiar with many singers these days. i have been in a kind of radio blackout since about 1994. country music pretty much all sounds the same- as does the top 40. and i guess that's why these oldsters are doing so well- they have a 'style' that is unmistakable. all you need is a guitar riff or a couple of bars and you know that merle is singing or kris or neil young. the songs have actual lyrics and i guess it's no surprise that these are the anti-war voices of today. so- go out and buy a copy of the dixie chicks, neil young, the boss, willie nelson, merle haggard. because even if you never listen to a note- you are supporting free speech.

oh- and take a peek at the petition


Carol Gee said...

What a wonderful idea for a post! A woman "after my own heart" when it comes to this free speech music.

enigma4ever said...

great post...and Neil Young 's antiwar music is some of his best...and the Dixie Chicks and their Documentary "Shut Up and Sing" got me through a rotten month- some of the bravest women ...and I love Willie anytime...thank you Betmo for remembering these fine folks...

( so I see someone else went looking for antiwar music this too)

Larry said...

I learned something, I didn't know Merle Haggard was since Reagan pardoned him.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"i grew up on country music- believe it or not."
Be thankful. It could have been rap. Country music has forever tried to imitate the big kids, namely pop, and "Four chords, two guitars, a steel man, and a bass man has had to bail them out, time after time. I.E. back to what made and makes country, country. And the same thing will happen to this crap released now, called country. There's a reason Merle is still "kicking out the footlights" at age 70. He still says what people are feeling. Show me a 70 yr old rapper still recording.:) Country music is the voice of the every day person. Yeah, it gets pretty goofy at times, but rap or pop doesn't? Country is the expression of the hurt of Mr. Every day, the frustrations. And they say it in plain form - just like you and I would express hurt.

Re the petition: "The Nuremberg Principles, which are part of US law, provide that all military personnel have the obligation not to obey illegal orders."
Aside from the fact it's a little late to be worrying about this now, Isn't it a little far fetched to expect 18 and 19 year olds to know that bit of trivia, much less adhere to it? A lot of them probably don't even know what they're doing is illegal until they're in the middle of it.

A much more feasible solution is to immediately arrest and imprison the leaders who start, or try to start, illegal activities. Why cast the onus of responsibility on a 18 year old kid, when the true responsibility lies with that piece of dried up shit we call a Congress?

I'm done now, and thanks!:)

landsker said...

The whole world knows that the Bush/Cheney cabal and the "neocons" need to be brought to justice; the question being, "Who can, and how?"
It took the Germans two world wars and a lot of heartache to rid themselves of the fascists that took control.
Let`s hope the end is nigh for these bastards, who seem to be some of the same families and corporations that backed Hitler;
Bush, Ford, Rockefeller...