Sunday, September 23, 2007

not nearly finished

but i spent my weekend stripping--- my archway :) hee hee. trying to be a wee irreverent on this fine sunday evening. watching a bit of football- i think it is halftime but i am only half paying attention. bears versus cowboys. apparently, it's intense. so, the idea is to strip the decades of paint off of the lovely old oak wood archways and doorways and restore a bit of luster to the old apartment. decided not to bother with the baseboards because our furniture and life covers them up pretty good and this is not a project for the faint hearted (or lazy like us) as it is. so- we didn't get it all off- gotta sand but that will wait for hubby to sand. little by little. i am in no hurry. it is actually a bit cathartic. but it is only the first archway. :) i will be cursing by the end. so- no posting tonight- be good to each other and talk amongst yourselves :)


Brother Tim said...

Using football while stripping is quite unique. Most of the gals down here use music.:)

Larry said...

You make it sound like this is fun work.

betmo said...

fun is an overstatement :) inevitably, any time we start a project- it takes 8 times longer to do it than a 'normal' household because the building is so old. we are keeping our fingers crossed on the overall remodeling project :)