Monday, September 24, 2007

it's easy being green

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i hear from people that it’s the industries that are the big polluters. there isn’t much the average person can do aside from recycle and change their light bulbs. well, that’s a bunch of organic matter from a horse’s behind. change takes time. but evaluating what is important to you takes moments. something simple like simply buying less and buying it in less packaging is a start. eating less meat is also a step in the right direction- and buying local foods is another. shipping products is one of the largest polluters as are the corporate meat farms and crop fields. using reusable bags at the grocery store when possible cuts down on the amount of trees cut down to make paper bags- and the amount of those plastic bags that seem to multiply like rabbits. we as consumers are a powerful lobby group in our own right. we can demand services and products that are better for the environment. having restaurants use napkins made out of recycled paper, or not eating out at the chains at all. little things in the hands of many add up. so- here are a couple of links i think are interesting. national geographic is doing a series on global climate change and this month they look at biofuels and rate them on different criteria. it isn’t one magic solution to slow this down- it is all of us working together to change the way we live. the hard reality is- if we aren’t unselfish to change our lifestyles- our children and grandchildren are going to have to change theirs- and it won’t be easy or pretty. our lifestyle is not sustainable.

national geographic- biofuels

cool graphic

carbon conscious consumer- big changes start with small steps

how to make dairy free ice cream- just for fun :)

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