Saturday, September 22, 2007

national geographic- pakistan

i just read the last issue of national geographic- it is the only magazine i subscribe to- and there hasn't been an issue that has ever been useless. i like history and i like to learn about different cultures around the world- and right here on this continent. so- i read about pakistan. i only really knew what i had learned in school and what i heard in the media. it made me so sad. so sad. i have so many thoughts in my head whirling around that i don't think i am in any good spot to articulate so- i will leave you with the link and i urge you to read the story.


edhi foundation- non profit, non sectarian, non religious, non government humanitarian foundation


Naj said...

We boycotted National Geography after they published an atlas, renaming Persian Gulf into Arabian Gulf, and refused to change it, even though they acknowledged error!

I have always considered them the field-assessors of the "empire". But I LOVE their reports. I just don't buy them anymore. Will look up this over my friend's house though.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

My first skin magazine!:) I was given a sub to NG as a graduation gift, and have read it ever since. It was the only sub I wanted in Nam, and it was THE most sought after magazine in the place! It was worth half a case of beer!

Larry said...

I haven't seen this magazine in ages.

Anonymous said...

Edhi seems like and EXCELLENT charity to support... but, computer skilled, I have spent a half hour trying to find out HOW!

It would seem that the organization has no way for US taxpayers to support their work in a tax efficient manner. If anyone can show me I'm wrong, I'd be delighted if they would post the information here.

For the non-web-skilled: Beware: False collection of "charity" money is an easy and popular web-scam. One worthwhile resource:

... the IRS's (not always complete, I'm told) list of charities. Even if something's in that list, it doesn't mean that it does what you think... but a starting point.

Before I gave anything significant, I'd like a letter from Edhi in Pakistan confirming a collector's legitimacy.