Wednesday, August 01, 2007

role models or mirrors

my friend and i were talking about the train wrecks paris, britney, lindsey and nicole are. for some reason she got lindsey and hilary duff confused and that is what got us talking. she has genuine concern for these girls- because really that's what they are- girls trapped in women's bodies. now, many folks pooh pooh and say that they have the money to know better- but money has less to do with making them that way than keeping them that way. folks lament that these girls are the 'role models' for young tweens and teens and i disagree with that assertion.

i think that they are mirrors of what is happening to our young people. i worked with adolescents for years and i got a rude awakening when i started in the field because so much had changed in the years i had been in college. young teens were driving brand new cars and wearing designer clothes and having their hair dyed and their nails done. things my generation never thought of until college. we had lee press on nails and sun-in.

anyway, my point is that we point our fingers and blame our politicians and actors and sports stars for influencing the minds of our youth, but we are the ones who put them where they are. we vote them in and put them on a pedestal and tsk tsk about their poor behaviour while bailing our own kids out of jail for possession or fighting or joy riding. we claim that those are 'rites of passage' and think nothing of it. well, neither did paris' mom or britney's mom until now. now is too late.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

I think you pegged something there. You look at actresses like Brooke Shields and Jodi Foster, who were child stars (and even sexualized before they even had breasts), yet getting an education was EXPECTED of them...Look at them now! (Remember how the world thought they would be scared from playing the taboo characters that they did). Meanwhile, fast forward to the current train wrecks and the truth is, they are marketing gone out of control. They were probably told at some point that "no publicity is worse than bad publicity" and took that to mean that they could "get away with anything" look at them, most of them are criminals on some level and at the least, drug addicts. That's sad. Let's not forget, when we were kids, it was all about "tough love" and (true) personal responsibility. Then it was about "letting kids choose their discipline", etc. and now we enable our kids in hopes that they won't get upset at us for grounding them and calling CPS to file a false complaint to get pulled out of the home. Plus, thanks to GWB, BOTH parents are out of the house and their children are being raised by their peers (children raising children + television=f*cked up kids). Parents feel guilty about not giving their children everything because they are "never there" and thus we have a world full of spoiled brats (rich and middle class) who hate to say or hear the word "no". I knew kids like Britney and Nicole and Paris when I was in school. Their main problem: Enabling or Abusive Parents. Add uneducated peers and whatever they are devouring from television/magazines and you have the kids who are going to be responsible for making sure that Social Security is still available for you and me when we get too old to kick their a$$es...WE ARE IN BIG F*CKING TROUBLE...(sorry for the rant...that's kind of been on my mind).

Larry said...

Good post:

As we vote the latest fad into power, and as we do whatever we can to find the latest dirt on a "star", we refuse/fail to look at the things hidden behind our own couches.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

we claim that those are 'rites of passage' and think nothing of it. well, neither did paris' mom or britney's mom until now. now is too late.
Did they have a Dad? Where is he?

The four you mentioned all share one common trait - vast immaturity. Well, another too. Scheming Bitches. It is a fact, that nonstop cable coverage every time they fart, will forever place their name in the public ear and eye. Exactly where they want to be.

Stop paying attention to them, stop buying what the hell ever it is the four morons "sell", send them directly into obscurity without passing go. Give the celebrity "rehabs" to the humane society. All they are is an animal shelter, anyway.

Send them to rehab in the real world. One where they see people utterly destroyed by drugs and alcohol, trying to fight their way back.

Life without parole will work, too!

They are indicative of our society only in that society is such cream brains now, it'll settle for a flash of somebody's hairless snatch, and call it entertainment.

The greatest gift we could ever give our to send these four performing cows out to pasture - permanently!

sumo said...

Years ago I had a 5 year old girl neighbor who fell in love with my husband. She would wait for him to come home from work and meet him at the fence when he drove up.

One day her father brought her over and knocked on our door...because Tabitha just had to see my husband. The dad admitted that she threw a fit until she could get her way over to our house and see him. She gave him a picture of herself...a portrait...and told him she loved him. He didn't know what to do.

The father was horribly embarrassed and didn't know what to do with her. I told my husband that she needed her butt spanked and they needed to get some control. I knew this kid would be pregnant by the age of 14 or so...and I was right. But they'd moved away by husband saw her dad after the fact.

That's why I'm glad I had 2 boys. I gave them a look and they knew they were near death. Almost...

Mariamariacuchita said...

This is an interesting topic. Are politicisns to blame for troubled youth? The schools? the media? Video games?

I've heard that the spoiled youth culture (and I do not think by any means that all fit into this category) are the product of so many influences. And that is partly true.

But aren't parents really responsible for raising their kids? For instilling values, a sense of purpose and responsibility in their kids? How many even sit down together any more to eat dinner together?