Wednesday, August 01, 2007

please take a moment

many folks don't realize that over-the-counter meds are being abused by teens- and others. just as sudafed and other cold meds have been placed behind the counter to counter the meth epidemic- these meds need to be looked at. teens will abuse anything to get a high- remember the bathroom spray and other inhalents that have run rampant the last few years? kids can go into a dollar store and purchase any of these products- please take a moment and take a look at the petition. h/t to dawn for the head's up!


dawn said...

I thank Betmo for putting up my petition. Coricdon is over the counter and the gov't knows how kids are abusing this one cough and cold medicine. There is a pamplet out by the gov't on it's adverse effects yet the company still leaves it on the shelves for kids to buy. We all need to stop this, the manufactorer should be ashamed of themselves. Schering-Plough is the maker and they don't and haven't done anything about this, any ideas anyonne?

Larry said...

How many buy up these things and are never really noticed.