Saturday, June 09, 2007

new crap on the sidebar

i wanted to introduce everyone to a group on magnolia- lighter footsteps- environmental links and info- as well as discussion groups- joining is free.

also, i joined shelfari- i put my current reading list on the sidebar- and i am building my library. it is free to join and you can discuss books and literature. take a look- and if you are interested in starting any groups- let me know.

i am betmo on shelfari and betblue on magnolia.

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Joseph said...

Hey betmo,

It's great to see you so involved and informed with the world today, especially with the election coming along. I'm trying real hard to do the same. Thanks again for beautifying your with a your book widget, much appreciated. If you happen to have any suggestions or comments on widgets, don't be a stranger...let us know. We're trying to make the best widget for you guys. Take care.