Sunday, June 10, 2007

sunday morning cuppa

it has been an interesting weekend- thinking wise anyway. i spent much of last night fiddling around in shelfari and library thing (over at the corner). internet technology is amazing- i can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is for me to be a part of it. i like trying new things but i try to pace myself because if you open all of your presents- you have none left ;)

someone said to me in passing that we have much to be proud for in this country- and i think that that is true. i know that more folks would prefer to think about the positive rather than the negative- easier on the psyche for sure. i don't do that. not because i can't come up with one single good thing about america, but because we have been indoctrinated to think ONLY good about her. one of the big reasons that we are all in the same boat here- right and left moderates- is because we haven't been critical and intolerant enough. we have paid lip service to the constitution but did nothing but stand by while it has been run through the shredder. so, while i continue to love my country and the constitution she stood for, i am not going to stand by tolerantly any longer while the extreme wings of both parties continue to carve out red and blue states and districts.

make no mistake- there are few differences between left and right- both are regressive thinkers. both keep to thinking inside the box and maintaining status quo and using the same techniques over and over again to get their points across. there is a growing movement of independents in america today made up of people who are conservative and people who are liberal. these are people who are starting to listen to each other and decide that america is not going to go down without a fight. they are called progressives.

favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, esp. in political matters


Time said...

First we have to put America above our political parties.

Politics is the engine of the government, but to many politicians are backing their party instead of their country, or even worse selling themselves to a special interest.

Progress for America is being stunted, while politicians fight for power, control, and enriching themselves.

The hate politics of neocons using fear to prop up a bogus war, or the leftists that call Bush a Hitler; all should be discarded by the American people for what they are, fear mongers trying to divide Americans.

A true leader does not embrace the ideology of one party, but what's best for all America. When such a person comes along, maybe we can restart the forward progress of America. I don't see anyone with that attitude, or character, running for President.

Americans themselves have to change. America is not about forcing people to live under laws that a minority believe in, it's about finding political compromise and enacting laws that ALL can FAIRLY live under.

To take good ideas from ALL sides and create a new direction, should be as American as apple pie. Our success in business and government has been based on accepting diverse ideas, not an ideological mind set.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Hey b,

I like it when you think. I think we can be too arrogant about ourselves and our country. we should try to love the things we like or can accept and try to change the things we want to change.

I still think there are major differences between the left and the right, such as abortion, gun control, gay rights. There are areas where the two are coming together or trying to make some progress. And I do like the term progressive better than left or right. I think the danger lies more in the far fringes of both.

bluegrrrrl said...

I think the majority has stood by long enough while extreme factions fought to divide and conquer...and the price has been loss of liberty and constitutional integrity (not to mention an enormous loss of life).

I don't care what we label it as long as we are moving forward and not fighting each other and creating more divisiveness.

JollyRoger said...

I wish we had a credible left in this country. A quarter century of media demonization has pretty much taken care of that.