Monday, June 25, 2007

i asked for it!

tua obliged- and was not easy on me- that's for sure! here ya go tua :)

Please to sure to include the below in the post you make, answering these questions.

1. Your general tone in your blog seems to be one of a "Pragmatic Idealist" (my term), meaning you see realism, but still dream. In this post, you wrote: "the bottom line is- american democracy with the constitution as our foundation- no longer exists. we need to get over it and move forward. we are not going to be able to regain what we have lost." Further in that same post, you also wrote: "it is up to us to be the leaders we want and stop relying on weaker minded politicians to do it for us. we don't have that luxury anymore." Given even the weak politicians make the laws and rules we must live by, what role do you see the individual person playing, that can make the change you spoke of, happen? Please be detailed as possible.

well, i think folks abdicate most of their responsibility to these weak minded politicians. we are in charge of voting for these people, and it is our responsibility to hold the politicians responsible. if you break it down into local, state, and federal areas, each person is only responsible for a small number of politicians to keep track of- districts and all. we see news and we think it is insurmountable, but there is much that can be done to filter on a simpler level. we can educate ourselves about politicians positions and vote accordingly. we can volunteer at polling and voting places to insure that there are no voting shenanigans. we can lobby our reps and participate in our local party operations- that way we have more say in how the money is spent. we can boycott corporations and other entities that don't support our causes- environment, quality of life, etc. i could go on and on. we don't have to do it all- or alone. but from what i see on the blogs- there are plenty of us out there to make a difference- and we wouldn't have to devote much time. the average american spends 4 hours daily watching tv. why not take an hour or two of that to invest in america actively- not passively.

2. In this post, you quoted some one as saying: "Bush is like a baller trying to shave points to lose the game, and the Dems still can't get across the goal line." Do you agree with that assessment, and if so, why, and if not, why?

yeah- well, the rest of the quote was detailing how badly bush and his ilk have stunk up america, and how the dems have not only helped, but gone beyond. yeah, i agree. bushco has had their own agenda from day one. they set out to set up an american theocracy that would eventually lead to a globalized world with america at the helm- and the neo cons firmly in power everywhere. they have almost succeeded- no thanks to the dumbocratic party who still seems to think it's politics as usual. they are out there to win elections instead of preserve democracy- and i find that paradoxical. i will go on record as saying that i only ever voted dem in november to stem the hemorrhage of civil liberties. i held no real hope that they would hold anyone accountable. and they haven't.

3. By way of something slipped in your first cuppa, or what the hell ever:), you find yourself President, with both houses of Congress thinking as you do, and you have an override proof majority. You have thirty days before the potion wears off, and in that time frame, your congress can pass or repeal a total of five laws. What will those five laws be, and please give at least a brief explanation of what each would do, or why it was repealed.

well, the first two are easy-

1. repeal the patriot act and disband homeland security. why? homeland security has proved useless and a hassle and the patriot act has helped set into motion a police state.

2. repeal the military commissions act of 2006 and restore habeas corpus. no explanation necessary.

3. start the pullout of iraq immediately and set up diplomatic relations. real ones- not the 'we're really in charge of a puppet government' kind. it pisses folks off.

4. repeal the no child left behind act. it is beyond description and the same kids who suffered and were left behind before the act- are the same ones left behind now. there is a better way- but i only get 5 laws :)

5. pass a law on election money- allot federal money for campaigning and outlaw soft monies. that's a start.

4. At times, you haven't spoken too flattering of the Democratic Party, occasionally saying to the effect: (paraphrasing you now) "they were essentially a mirror of the right, except with a different ideology, and both were harmful to our country." Is it at all realistic ever expect to despose one or both parties, and give explanations, yea or nay?

i am critical of both parties for their ideologies. it is as bad as religion. is it realistic? perhaps not- but when a party says that it stands for something and then uses the same tactics that 'the other side' does in order to win favor or votes- isn't that hyocritical? the rethugs say they stand for values and morality- and we have seen the corruption and hypocrisy on their 'side.' the dumbocrats told us that they stood for the common american and they would get us out of iraq- and all they have done is posture and stall in order to win in 2008. to me, that is a mirror image of the tactics used by the rethugs when they controlled congress. my friend and i talk alot about thinking. there is a regressive way to think- where you want to maintain status quo- or even 'go back to a simpler time'- and there is a progressive way to think- moving ahead while still preserving traditions that are important. both sides are guilty of regressive thinking.

5. You have written vehemently, several times, against "God's Will" (as used by various factions to justify their actions), equally as vehemently against all "religion", and took the heat for your post, which I personally applaud. A month or so after the first spiking, your cuppa gets spiked again, and you are God, for twenty four hours, with all his assumed powers! (assuming there is one, for sake of arguement). What actions would you take in those twenty four hours?

assuming that god is benevolent and omnipotent and all of that other happy horsecrap- then it doesn't need a constant ego stroking by us humans. i would remove all religion from the planet and see how humans fare. i would fix global warming and impart the knowledge of renewable resources to people so the earth isn't ruined. i would bitch slap all warring factions into peace and i would insure that everyone on the planet had enough food and water for life. basic health care and preventative services would be available to all- as would contraception. there would be no need to discriminate based on gender, race or sexual orientation because i have removed religion- and there would be no need for greed. now, i am off to the spa- because damn!

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DivaJood said...

Well, this is interesting. I'm in. Interview me.

enigma4ever said...

oh, boy....Diva...can't wait to see this...she is thoughtful and about being thoughtful- I loved this post- it was very insightful...esp the LAWS (repealing part) to read more of the journey and get caught up...

Dizzy Dezzi said...

Interview me :)

Time said...

You won't have a lack of people who want to be interviewed (including me), people like to state their opinions. Especially people like me, who go out of their way to start a blog to voice their views. I'm always curious about the opinions of those who never speak up.

dawn said...

Really good B, it must have taken you a long time to answer but you were eloquent as always.

Undeniable Liberal said...

I have to pass on the interview, because, well, your answers are AWESOME!

betmo said...

uc- you are too kind :)

dawn- you are sweet as always :)

enigma- i am glad you came by and glad you are back!

the rest of you yahoos- well, the questions are in the hopper- i await the answers :)

C-dell said...

Cool, can I asked to be interviewed later?

Sornie said...

I have veered away from talking politics on my blog for the most part for quite some time but your blog is always a great read.

It may take me a bit of time to get it finished but I will apprehensively say "Interview Me" because I know you will test me.

betmo said...

c-dell- let me know when :)

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I'll read the interviews. Interesting, Betmo!

Mary said...

That was an excellent interview and your answers just blow me away! Your 5 laws where great. I knew it would be good both the questions and answers w/the 2 of you.

I just got my ? in email from TUA. It will take me all day to answer.

QUASAR9 said...

Betmo, telling it as it is
Succint and to the point.
Betmo for President!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

i would bitch slap all warring factions into peace
ROTFLMAO!! Well, I did ask, didn't ?:)

Damn good job, Betmo! The answers were far better than the questions!! take a bow, Lady!:)