Wednesday, June 20, 2007

unity 08

"And that's the cut that kills: here we've got this cat who makes Coolidge look competent, and no matter how badly Bush and his Neo-Con cronies keep stinking up the joint the Dems do him one better. Or one worse. Bush is like a baller trying to shave points to lose the game, and the Dems still can't get across the goal line. In five months all they've managed to do is sink the Congressional approval rating below the president's. By November of '08 the Democrats will be lucky to still exist as a party."

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WeezieLou said...

i am soooooooooo acutely disappointed by the Dem's. i contrast that with the election night where we theoretically threw the bums out. i was so excited, which has slowly been replaced by deep anger.

dawn said...

I think the democrats are going to be in real trouble if Bloomberg runs as an independent. They are killing themselves

betmo said...

me too

Peacechick Mary said...

Bloomburg has the right idea - dump them both.

Chuck said...

I think Bloomberg/Hagel have ulterior motives. They are still Republicans with big Republican backing (Bloomberg's billions for starters and I'll bet that Rupert Murdoch is in there somewhere).

Don't forget Benedict Lieberman. Is he an Independent? Of course not.

Bloomberg/Hagel is just distancing from the bushies with a little trick- and an opportunity. When its said Bloomberg doesn't agree with a lot of the Republican agenda I read that it really means that he doesn't agree with neo-cons currently in power.

This is just all my opinion, but I don't think it matters anyway. I don't see an Independent in the White House - ever. Independents only manage to pull votes to the toilet; even strong ones like Perot and Nader.