Monday, June 25, 2007


since i am befouling the environment with my painting- i will skip the good news this time. wanted to put out some info for anyone who isn't aware- if you are like me- you come late to the party these days :)

the sirens chronicles will make its debut on july 1- so get ready for some sassy, sexy chicks writin' up the internets! should be a good time. dusty and sumo have been working their bums off getting the site ready- so give 'em some love!

blog against theocracy is back! july 1-4- so take a peek at blog against theocracy for details. it was a great turnout last time- i think we can do it again!

the peace train is doing a july 4 peace blogswarm- so check over there for details. there will be a special section in the forums section- so take a look!

almost forgot- live earth concerts are july 7- the broadcast is going to be on msn- so you can listen to it live i guess. check out both sites for info and for ideas on activism.

summer is here!! gonna be 90 degrees or so everyday until thursday- so i won't be painting until then. gotta do more chores though- so drudgerella is off!


DivaJood said...

The two upcoming blogswarms are important - the one at the Peace Train is in celebration of their first anniversary.

As for the Sirens Chronicles, wonderful! I love it.

betmo said...

if you are interested in contributing- let me know and i will pass it along to dusty! :)

Dusty said...

The blogswarm against Theocracy will be very important judging by SCOTUS' two rulings this against free speech, the other approves of BushCo giving our tax money to 'faith-based' groups.