Friday, June 15, 2007

guess we are doing something right- uh left

"On the June 12 broadcast of his nationally syndicated radio program, Michael Savage compared the "progressive movement" to the Nazi storm troopers who aided Adolf Hitler's rise to power, saying, "[T]hey are the brownshirts of today." Savage added: "[M]ake no mistake about it, it's the same rabble that brought Hitler to power, and we have them today -- and they're all on the left."

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shawn (aka blogstud) said...

savage's statement is just absurd. savage is absurd. just happened to catch a part of an interview last night with larry king. he was being interviewed and he said that that the fringes of talk radio are all about riling people up for ratings and there was very little, if any, journalistic integrity there. I agree with him.

I also agree with you that both the far right and the far left do more damage than good. I can be far too the left myself (and as you point out a bleeding heart lib at times =), but I am very moderate on many issues. I think anytime we become completely blind to the other side, it is dangerous. we will never always agree, but it helps to see where the other side is coming from.

hope you have a great weekend, b. and if you need good laugh, a REALLY good laugh, check out my latest post. It is a hoot!!! feel free to share it with your readers as well or anyone else.

p.s. baby birds all around my apartment. some little doves in the plant stand on my patio and a lot of little finches (that poor momma) in the breezeway. too high up for Tiger to reach.

Time said...

What can I say. The left compares Bush to Hitler, the worst (Savage) of the neocon hate mongers now compares the left to Hitler.

This Hitler comparison stuff is bullshit.

Both sides use it, and both sides should be called for what they are, pushers of hate filled propaganda!

It's funny how easy it is for the left to see the right's propaganda, but they refuse to see their own.

My run in with Peace Train about their Hitler comparison, is a perfect example! But Louise says I'm the one that needs a chill pill.

I stand by my original position, Peace Train is spreading hate when they use the Hitler comparison, now Savage is spreading hate doing the same thing.

No doubt (in my mind) Savage has much more experience spreading hate.

As you told me, the left has trouble looking into the mirror.

Unfortunately, these tactics hurt the left, and chase away the moderates they will need to win in 08'.

These kind of tactics hurt the right and helped them to lose in 06'.

All you Hitler comparison people, are NUT JOBS!!

betmo said...

'nut jobs' might be a bit off the mark- but we do need to stop with the nazi comparisons. i think folks get confused in what they are comparing. what i have learned in researching the neo cons is- they take bits and pieces from many kinds of regimes- fascist, socialist, nationalist, etc., but what they all have in common is- they are dictatorial and repressive. they are about control and power. so- you see bits of the ancient empires of rome, mongolia, persia, greece, etc.; you see bits of alexander and napoleon and pinochet and mussolini and hitler. pieces woven together using time worn tactics of fear, propaganda, and repression. where i think that many regular folks- from the peace train to the huffington post make the biggest mistake is- oversimplifying. taking one component to focus on instead of a more complex look. that is why i wrote my post talking about left and right have similar thinking patterns- they are regressive not progressive. good intentions aside- the democratic party needs to take a good hard look at what they are doing- or not doing- and stop with the sound bites. that is where oversimplification comes into play.

Thorne said...

Time, although I agree with you on your stance on Hitler/Nazi comparisons by left or right (actually, by anybody. I just don't think there is a valid modern comparison), your language sux. If you want to promote peace, perhaps a good place to begin would be in your own communications.
Peace, out!

Peacechick Mary said...

Enough of this Hitler stuff, already!

Larry said...

Savage is another paid mouth that can't think of anything original so he pulls out his kids history book and scratches out his material.

Sarah said...

C-SPAN is the most unbiased channel on television. For Savage to throw a childish fit over his speech not being show - even after C-SPAN explained why - is pretty much ridiculous.

Frederick said...

Doodz stark raving mad.

Chuck said...

I hate bush. I have never hated another politician (including Poppy) in my life. I hate bush.

I would have hated Hitler- had I been alive and of a cognizant age. I would have hated Hitler.

It is a known fact that members of the bush dynasty were involved in financing the Nazi movement. It is a known fact that there are parallels between the Third Reich and the bush crime syndicate.

Power hungry opportunists either capitalize on a national "tragedy" or create one. And that leads to the 14 Points Of Fascism, complete with "Our Leader" billboards, fearmongering and warmongering.

And I could go on, but hey, I'm just a nut job. Don't read this. Or go back and un-read this.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

It's always amazed me that they say the same thing about us (Nazi's trying to take over) as we say about them. And both sides believe what they say with all their hearts, which leads me to the conclusion that Nazism, and Hitler, is now all about how you interpret his actions.

Time said...

Next (Chuck) you'll hand me the evidence of black helicopters, alien abductions, proof that the United States was responsible for the attack on the Twin Trade Towers on 9/11, that George Bush Sr. was involved in the JFK assassination, and all other conspiracy theories. Do the Keebler elves really bake all those cookies?

Before and after WWI you will find that many American businessmen were involved in doing business with Germany, including those on the left like Joe Kennedy. And, yes, their motive was to make a profit and create a relationship with the German government. And, yes, when the Nazis took over they cultivated a same business relationship with them, to protect the business they had spent years developing in Germany. Capitalism begets many negative, even evil results. Greed makes people do bad things, one of the reasons we need good regulation systems. To say that they backed, financed, knew about, helped plan, or agreed with Hitler's final solution or his other crimes, is a dishonest, biased, misreading of the facts. Their motivation wasn't oppression or death, it was money.

Manipulation of the processes of government, is the business of politicians. However you judge the intention of those manipulations, depends on your ideological make-up. The law can (and has) determine if those acts are a crime.

We should all be happy that none of our leaders, or our laws, reflect an oppressive system even close to what the Nazis installed, or you and I would have been killed by the government a long time ago.

Where are the U. S. governments concentration camps? How many enemies of President Bush have been taken out in the streets of Washington D.C. and shot? If the government is spying on me, why am I not in jail? I have said criminally liable things about President Bush.

To make a real comparison, the results, the intentions, the motivations, and actions have to be found to be similar. There's no way an unbiased look at Bush/Hitler History comes close to matching each other.

We are all adults here and have all heard much worse language than I have used in these exchanges. But by all means (Thorne) make your priority about this issue, my grammar. Don't forget to correct my spelling either.

Yes, Betmo, I am fine. I like to get a good rant out of myself, as you do. I simply refuse to swallow the delusion of the Hitler/Bush comparison, and will not accept my personal definition of those who make such unrealistic comparisons, as the reason I'm supposedly wrong on this issue. I don't put myself out as the leader of the path to peace. Those who do, are the ones making these stupid comparisons. Of course both the left and right, claim to have the only true path to peace. It's the old fork in the road decision. I won't choose either road, if both are led by propaganda. I'll turn around and go back home, or cut through the woods.

So go ahead folks attack me personally, attack my language, grammar, spelling, attack my attitude, because that's more important than enlightening others that these kind of comparisons are bogus.

I invite you all (especially Peace Train members) to read my blog and find out what my thinking and attitudes are on issues (you can check my grammar and spelling too). But I've already made that invitation, and the invitation has been declined. Wow what pillars of understanding and investigating one's critic that shows. This all started because I did go directly to a source (Peace Train) to see what their opinion was, and disagreed with it. Sad their not serious, or interested enough to do the same. Peace Train was willing to say that I wouldn't engage (all this writing isn't engaging?) or that my attitude made my engagement worthless, or outright lying about what I said. Now there's a path to peace and understanding.