Friday, June 15, 2007

open thread friday- paralyzed

ever have that overwhelmed feeling during housecleaning season, or yardwork projects, or deadlines at work- where you just don't know where to start? i am sure you have- i do on a regular basis. it's that paralysis that sets in from being overwhelmed. methinks that americans, as a whole, are in the state of paralysis. the sheer weight of the degree of dysfunction on every level in this country is overwhelming. anywhere you throw a dart- needs fixing. problem number 1- is where to start? problem number 2- what do you do when it's your fellow americans who are causing the harm through greed? and problem 3- wasn't it your laziness that allowed this to happen anyway?

for me- the biggest issue is- how do you overcome the doctors and lawyers and businesspeople, etc, who are your neighbors in your community? how do you combat them and make real changes to the direction that this country is heading? peaceful determination. pick a starting point and go. we have all been disappointed with the democratic party because they won't deliver. the time for relying on anyone else to start cleaning up this vomit- is over. no one else will. the time for a resurgence of independent thinking and self determination is here. we need to pull out our inner strength, roll up our sleeves and dig in. we don't have the luxury not to.

so- pick an area and put those gloves on. we have a lot of work to do. where do we start? at the beginning. 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.'

civil liberties
aging infrastructures
alternative fuels


Thorne said...

You said a mouthful!! We do all need to do our part. Problem is.. those of us who are aware there's a problem are prolly already doing stuff, eh? How to wake up the sleeping masses??

Granny said...

After I posted (on both blogs) about BlogHer the other day, I received a comment from an online friend who says she intentionally tunes out on "all that political stuff".

That seems to be the prevailing attitude lately.