Saturday, June 16, 2007

'we are not powerless'

i have heard that phrase a couple of times now from around the blogosphere- and while it is true, i don't know if we are trying to convince ourselves or not. we have the ability to change things. apparently, not from the top down- but if each and every one of us took personal responsibility in our own lives- we would lay a firm foundation that we could build on and make our way to the top. i am not a proponent of 'trickle down' theories. without us as a foundation, there is no top. they NEED us. they need us for their IED fodder and to buy the crap that their corporations manufacture. they need us to keep their lawns manicured and their dishes cooked and ready. they need us to stand and cheer at their speeches and at their photo ops. most importantly, they need us to vote. right now- we still vote in this country. i am with peacechick mary when she says that she is going to vote her conscience whether it's repub or dem this time. we could certainly be no worse off. in fact, i am giving ron paul a second look.

anyhoo- i want to hammer home that if we take responsibility for the environment- in our own homes, and peace- in our own homes, and making a difference in our own homes and communities- we can really effect change. after all, you can't really change any other person on the planet but yourself. you can die trying- but isn't it easier to influence folks by example?


WeezieLou said...

thanks for sharing that responsibility. some have the power to move millions, some of primarily ourselves and out piece og the planet - I can do more things to take the responsibility i have on this planet - and i will. thanks for the push.rlpzrz

Peacechick Mary said...

Well said, Betmo. Ron Paul took the same stance on democracy - it's best spread by example rather than at gunpoint.

Larry said...

If we don't take control from the Corporate elitists we may as well expect worse than we have now.

It is time to take the lead.