Thursday, May 24, 2007

the truth

The Future Was Yesterday: Strategy, Democowards, Bush, and The Truth

tua is never one to dance around an issue- he tells the unvarnished truth and i admire him for it. i subjected myself to the liar-in-chief's "press conference" this morning and what tua is saying is true. the 'people'- the dumbocrats- who we, the people, elected and put some hope into in the last election have betrayed us. olbermann laid them out in lavender. i believe he said that that our entire government has betrayed us and failed us. he couldn't be more right on. the one thing that the liar-in-chief was correct about was america hunkering down for the long haul. we have to 'stay the course' and continue to fight our own government in order to get our country back. they can't imprison all of us. they can't torture our ideas or convert us to their ideology. free thinkers will prevail and pass on the ideals of democracy for future generations to give it a try. perhaps they will have better luck than we did.

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