Thursday, May 24, 2007


i had a post typed up last night- and i deleted it. it was harsh. suffice to say that i have had some stressful days this week and i have watched too much elizabeth hasselbeck to last a lifetime. she lives with dubya in a fantasy world where everything is beaver cleaver and stepford wives. it is embarrassing that she speaks in public. i ripped her a new one last night, but then i thought- to what end? she wouldn't ever read it and wouldn't believe it if she did. if you are stupid enough to think that al quaeda was behind 9/11 and stupid enough to believe that going to iraq and invading it was the right thing to do-- if you are stupid enough to believe that torturing another human being is the best way to get info or spying on people will keep you safe- my words would be lost.

my mom's health is not good right now- she is very weak and had a bout of stomach flu this week. my dad came to visit a few weeks ago and out of courtesy- i let him. i have had a bit of time to reflect about relationships and made the decision to end a long term one this week. done and done. one can't force a relationship with another. you either have one or it isn't there. life is too short to have to be tolerant and accommodating to everyone. don't get me wrong- i realize that to live in harmony one has to compromise and tolerate certain things. i am married. there are certain things that shouldn't be tolerated and i expound on them on a regular basis. anyhoo- it has been a long week- had company too- an old friend who is more family than anything else- is here until friday. so- i am still reflecting on relationships- and you will probably have to suffer a 'real' post in the future. :)


Lily said...

Betmo, I hope 'things get better and that you feel better about things'. There's no rule that says we have to tolerate everything about another, I think its a give and take thing. Both sides have to give and sometimes we do put up with certain things as we know that nobody can be becomes worth it as part of love.

Its especially hard when relationships are exclusive and there's unhappiness there because there are other opportunities that get passed by as we commit to that relationship. It has to be right, life IS too short.I'm not for disposable relationships and think many (most?) are worthwhile. Its hard to know when to stay and when to go!

I also hate watching the dumbassery that goes on and the denial, the news, etc it all aggravates me. Lately I even avoid people that will get my blood pressure going.

Hang in there and you post whatever you want when you want.

Pam said...

I can't stand to watch that dimwit hasselbeck. Don't they have an IQ cut off for that show? I guess not. I saw the playback on Countdown last night. Good for Rosie. There will be no reason to watch that show at all when she leaves.

I hope your mom gains some strength. I know what you mean about relationships. Sometimes it is so much better to just let one go than to fake it b/c it seems easier.

Oh, I would have enjoyed reading your elisabeth rant, I'm sure ;-).

alaskababy said...

I'm sorry you're mom isn't feeling well Betmo. I hope she feels better really soon.

Elizabeth H. sigh. i didn't see the show but have heard and read enough to know how that must have gone down.

Lily mentions "disposable relationships" and that's what mine were most of my life where my family moved around. I learned the art of saying goodbye and never looking back way too well.

So I've had the opposite challenge, learning to maintain thru the thin times and ride out changes and differences.

Time said...

Just writing it probably helped "get it out of your system."

Go ahead and post it. I love reading your rants. You could send a copy to ABC, maybe she would read it.

It's hard to have tolerance for those who have upset you.

Unconditional love is not a two-way street.

Being a friend is not easy, and it no longer surprises me what friends and family will do and say to each other.

alaskababy said...

i just youtubed the the rosie-liz exhange. grrrr....

Thorne said...

Oh, betmo. I'm sorry this has been a rough week for you. I too had relationship problems/issues earlier this week (hence the Tuesday Tarot post). This time the work was productive, and I think we got some things solved. But I know the loss we feel sometimes when we have to "break up" (My non-lesbian term for ending relationships/friendships)with someone we have cared about.
I know you're a secular humanist, but I hope you won't be offended by my offer to send some positive vibes out to you and your mom.
That Hasslehack bitch makes me wanna wring her freaking throat. Sorry. my non-pacifism is showing.